Our Peony Infusion Vendors

Each product we put in our gift boxes comes from some of our favorite family owned small businesses in Alaska.  We have pulled together some amazing peony infused handcrafted items to help keep the peony love alive until harvest 2021.

Denali Dreams.png

Denali Dreams Soap have always been a favorite.  Caitlin has graciously made a peony scented soap for us to offer with our peony packages. To find out more about Denali Dream Soap, Caitlin and her crew you can visit


I first met Darlena and her Spunky Monkey Alaska Candles at the first market I ever worked.  To say the least our corner was the best smelling place in the building. Fresh peonies and right next door all those lovely candles. Darlenas all natural, peony scented, soy candles were a must have.  For more information, or to order more Spunky Monkey Candles, visit 

Mt. McKinley Bath Salts:  Our bath salts are handcrafted by two daughters, of the owner of Mt McKinley Peonies. These two entrepreneurs have been making peony scented bath products and learning how to run a successful business and peony farm for the past few years.  You may contact Mt. Mckinley Bath salts by emailing 

Greatland Honey.jpg

 Great Land Honey:   Greatland honey is right next door to our peony farm and their honey bees love the peonies. We are always super excited when they deliver their honey.  Great Land  Honey is a small family place so if you want more Great Land Honey contact Pioneer Peonies directly.

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Pioneer Peonies Farm - Our peony tea is the perfect blend of white peony, darjeeling, and assam teas plus rose petals and lavender.  I find it to be sweet, full flavored yet mild. Its one of those teasyou can just drink all day.  The tea is a special blend developed by the owner of Pioneer Peonies Farm. Enjoy!