Pioneer Peonies is offering our Summer Brides an opportunity to win 50 extra stems for free (shipping included!)  Winners will be notified on June 17th, 


When ordering please list a shipping date and an event date.


If ordring a combo of pink and white, please indicate a percentage of each color . EX:  50/50,  60 pink - 40white,  25 pink - 75 white, etc...) 


Summer Brides Packages go on sale starting May 1st and end on June 15th.  Shipping is included in all of our orders.


For each 100 stems that you order at regular price, you will be given 5 chances to win 50 free stems in pink, white or a combo of pink and white.


In Alaska the extended daylight hours and mild temperatures during the summer allow us to grow some of the largest and most vibrant colored peonies in the world.  We grow and harvest several varieties in the following colors. Remember, shipping is always included.  Last  date to ship is Aug 10th 2021.


Pink peonies:  Show romance and are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. 


Please note: To assure you receive the freshest peonies possible, the variety of peony may vary from the photo dependent on what is available to harvest closest to your event date. Peonies arrive in bud form. If you are ordering peonies for a special event, we recommend peonies be delivered 3 days prior to your event date so the blooms have time to fully open. Please refer to the Peony Care Card in your box.

Summer Bride Packages - Plus a chance to win 50 free extra stems