Peonies Plus Peony Infused Gift Items

This package starts out with 20 of our freshest-cut peonies.   We ship the freshest peonies available in a variety of colors chosen from  red, pink, blush and white.  In Alaska the extended daylight hours and mild temperatures during the summer allow us to grow some of the largest and most vibrant colored peonies in the world.  


Nextchoose one add on to go with your peonies.  All add-on products are items made by local Alaskan craftsmen/women and are infused or created using the peony flower.


Choose one of the following:


Peony Tea-Time Add-on

Everything you need (except the water) to make a great tasting steeped tea.

- one packet of peony petal hot tea mix (4-6 servings)

- one two-inch stainless-steel tea ball

- one container of natural peony honey


Peony Pamper Add-on

Pamper yourself with your own spa day.

- one test tube of naturally scented peony bath salts

- one handcrafted white washcloth

- one peony scented candle

- one bar of peony petal handcrafted soap


Peony Stems Add-on

If all you want are more flowers!

- Add 10 Premium Peony Stems!


All items will be shipped to you in one convenient box. Remember, shipping is always included and the LAST DATE TO HAVE ORDERS SHIPPED IS JULY 31st, 2021!!


Please note: To assure you receive the freshest peonies possible, the variety of peony may vary from the photo dependent on what is available to harvest closest to your event date. Peonies arrive in bud form. If you are ordering peonies for a special event, we recommend peonies be delivered 3 days prior to your event date so the blooms have time to fully open. Please refer to the Peony Care Card in your box.

Peonies Plus our Peony Infused Gift Items

  • Lost: In the rare event your package is lost or damaged in transit.

    • Contact us immediately (within 24 hours) after expected delivery.
    • If the package is damaged, email us photographs.

    We will contact FedEx and work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

    Damaged: We take pride in the quality of our products. If there is an issue with the quality of the stems.

    • Contact us immediately (within 24 hours) after delivery.
    • Take pictures and provide written, specific details of the issue.

    Our guarantee is to work with you to find a solution to any problem.


    Cancellation: As peonies are a fresh product, cancellation of your order requires at least a 30-day notice prior to your shipping date to receive a 50% refund, if a cancellation notice is less than 30 days, no refund will be issued.