Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ's)

Shipping Questions

Is Shipping Included in my order? Yes! All orders include shipping, except for LOCAL DELIVERY and LOCAL PICK-UP orders. A blue Shipping Included tag is at the top of all catalog items where we include shipping with your order.


Where does Pioneer Peonies ship to? Pioneer Peonies ships to all 50 States using Fed-ex overnight shipping. Sorry, we do not ship internationally.


What is the cut off time to place an order and be guaranteed next day delivery? We use AKST (Alaska Standard Time) Time-Zone when determining the following times. Your order must be placed by 10:00 a.m. AKST to receive it the very next day.

How soon can I get my first shipment of Pioneer Peonies?  You could have fresh-cut, Alaska grown peonies at your home on July 7th, 2020  Our first shipments are on July 6th, 2020.  

Shipping Included

Ordering Questions

How far in advance should I have my peonies delivered to me before an event or a wedding? It will take 2 to 3 days for your peonies to open fully. We suggest you order your peonies to arrive 3 days before your event. This allows them time to open fully and gives you time for creating your floral arrangements.


Can I mix the colors of peonies in my order?  There are two ways you can mix the color of peonies in your order.  Option 1: The SPECIAL EVENTS PACKAGE allows you to mix the color and sizes of your peonies.  Option 2: Call us to place a special order of peonies with an assortment of colors. 


If I need more than 200 peonies, can I order multiple packages?  Yes, you can order as many packages as you like. We try to make every order efficient. We may place two orders in one larger shipping box. Call us if you want to place an order of 200+ peonies. We will discuss bulk discounts or special pricing.

Peony Care Questions

How long will the peonies last after I receive them?  The time peonies last will vary depending upon how you use them and where you place them after you take them out of the delivery box.  Peonies kept indoors at a cooler temperature they will last longer than peonies near a window with the sun shining on them. Typically, peonies can last anywhere from 6 to 12 days. Follow the directions on the Peony Care Card in your shipment for the best results.


What will my flowers look like when I open the box?  We ship your peonies in bud form.  We place them in a floral shipping box where we bundle them, wrap them and place a cold pack inside the package. They may look a little thirsty when they arrive, but that is 100% normal. Follow the directions on the Peony Care Card in your shipment for unboxing and caring for your peonies.

Pioneer Peonies 

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