Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ's)

Shipping Questions


Is Shipping Included in my order?  

Yes! All orders include shipping, except for local delivery and local pick-up orders. 


Where does Pioneer Peonies ship to? 

For fresh-cut peonies, we ship to all 50 States using UPS/FEDEX overnight shipping. 

For non-perishable handcrafted items, we ship USPS 2 day air. No shipments internationally.


What is the cut off time to place a peony order and be guaranteed next day delivery?  

Your order must be placed by 8:00 a.m. AKST  (Alaska Standard Time) Time-Zone.

Ordering Questions

How far in advance should my peonies delivered before an event or a wedding? 

It will take 2 to 3 days for your peonies to open fully. We suggest you order your peonies to arrive 3 days before your event


Can I mix the colors of peonies in my order?  

Yes, 1: Order peonies in bundles of 20 and then choose your color option.  Each color will be a separate item in your order.  2: Call us to place an order of 100+ peonies, and you can mix your colors.


What if I need more than 100 peonies,?  

Give us a call.  We work with larger quantities as well


Peony Care Questions

How long will the peonies last after I receive them? 

Typically, 6 - 12 days. Peonies kept indoors at a cooler temperature they will last longer than peonies near a window with the sun shining on them. Follow the directions on the Peony Care Card in your shipment.

What will my flowers look like when I open the box?  

We ship your wrapped, bundles peonies in bud form, inside a floral shipping box with cold packs inside. They may look a little thirsty when they arrive, but that is100% normal. Follow the directions on the Peony Care Card in your shipment.